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Likes: Jurassic Park, Cats, Super heroes Comics (DC are my favorites but Spider-man and the X-Men have a huge place in my heart), History and Archeology, 80's music, Books, Animation (Please,  don't ask me my favorite animated movies...), Kermit The Frog, Musicals...


Dislikes: Waiting, People talking during a movie, When I lose my Pen tablet, Green peppers, People touching Arts in Museums and My clumsiness! Oops!

Hi!  My name is Deborah/Deb Azra.

I worked in Animation since 2017, started as a Storyboard assistant on "Denver, The last Dinosaur" (METHOD/ZAGTOON), then tried other skills like Colors or Chara Design for other studios (PASSION PARIS, ZAGTOON...) on projects like "LEGO, City Adventures"...

I just fell in love with the people, the environment and all the process to create those great shows. 

I'm always ready to learn and improve myself!

For 2 years, I developed, drew and put in place the universe of "Théodore Poulet en a trop marre" books ("Theodore Chicken is really fed up with"), created/written by Marion McGuinness and published at SPLASH EDITION/JUNGLE between 2021/23 and did some illustrations for a children magazine (POPCORN/GALLIMARD)

Open to work right now!


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